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Random Acts of Kindness and Paying it Forward – What do They Mean?

In the hustle, bustle and stress of the holiday season, do you think about those whom are less fortunate or maybe just need a bright spot in their day? Have you ever had a really bad day and suddenly some random thing made you stop and notice and it brightened your day? During this time of year, many people do help out and give to the less fortunate. What about on a regular basis and not to just the homeless or down and out people? What about regular hardworking people who just need a quick lift to get through a tough day?

Random acts of kindness are simple random, intentional acts that say, “Hey, someone was thinking about you and you are not alone in this huge harsh world.” It could include paying for the person’s lunch behind you or even as simple as complimenting someone that is having a bad day. You could do something nice for your neighbor, this would be a huge thing in many areas like large cities where most people don’t even know their neighbors. It really does not matter what act of kindness you do, what matters is that you change your mind set to think about and see things throughout your day that are kind to others.

Take Random Acts Of Kindness To A New Level..By Paying It Forward

Paying it Forward is much like random acts of kindness, but usually in a larger scope, at least the way I see it. Random Acts of Kindness are little things that require a few minutes and very little expense, but have a huge impact on someone’s day. Paying it Forward is more a conscious choice to really lift someone up and help out. It still does not have to be a huge commitment of time or funds, it is just the thought and the acts of helping someone without expectation of receiving anything back.

A favorite quote, “You can judge a man’s character by what he does for those who can never repay him”. That quote says it all for both of these movements of helping and giving. It is all about compassion. By consciously helping out others in your community, you also effect the big picture of your community. A strongly bonded community is healthier and more stable. As a real estate agent I believe in supporting our community in positive ways, to ensure that our community stays strong. This not only benefits those less fortunate, it benefits everyone. It allows the businesses to be stable for the residents to feel secure and safe living in a strong stable community.

This Holiday season, I challenge you to change your mind set. Become more aware of committing random acts of kindness and paying your compassion forward. I support our community because I live here, I raise my family here and I believe in compassion.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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