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Including Children in Holiday Festivities

Holidays with young children are hectic to say the least. With a minimal amount of thought you can include them in the festivities, and keep closer track of what they are doing while you are busy. They will be proud to help, create, and give.

By the time kids are 3 or 4 they want to give gifts to Mommy and Daddy. Instilling the passion for giving at a young age is definitely worth the effort. There are many things that are pretty simple, and quick enough not to lose their attention span.

If you are not crafty, you could find one of the rag looms to make pot holders. These are simple, fun, cheap, and useful gifts for anyone’s kitchen. They’re also a great learning craft for kids; they learn to weave, hand-eye coordination, choosing colors, and patterning.

Another not so crafty idea is felt squares. There are several things you can do easily with little fingers; wall art, simple pillows, stockings, refrigerator magnets, or tree ornaments. A quick Google search should offer plenty of other ideas. They’re versatile and so easy to work with.

Christmas Ornaments Can Be A Great Way To Include Children In Holiday Festivities

Christmas ornaments are always a wonderful gift that’s remembered dearly! There are all kinds of creative, easy ways to make ornaments with young children. A box of clear ornaments from the dollar store, a few tempera paints, and you have a great, fun, pretty collection of ornament gifts to give. Simply remove the tops of the bulbs, either squeeze in a glob of paint or if the kids are old enough they can put the paint into the bulb. One or two colors are usually the best option, then swirl them around until you like the design. One thought to keep in mind; when allowing them to dry gravity will cause some of the paint to run down into the bottom. Another old fashion ornament idea that is always fun is cookie cutter, salt or cinnamon, dough cut outs that you bake to harden, and then paint. If you are really creative, there are many kinds of homemade  ornaments such as lace angels, bottle caps, candy cane creations, and even pipe cleaners can make really cute ornaments.

If you don’t have the kids around ahead of time for gift making, they can still be involved in the holiday preparations. Yes it is a busy place in the kitchen, but kids love to help cook! It also allows you to keep track of them closer while everyone is busy. If you have toddlers, you can set them up in the high chair, let them stir, play with bread dough, decorate cookies, or just taste test. If you have school-age kids, set up a helpers table. Give them cookie decorations, icing, and plastic or rubber spreading tools, and let them go to town. They can also do more mixing, rolling out crusts, or mashing potatoes.

Merry Christmas! And As Always…

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