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Last Minute Gift Guide for Men

Even if you always wait until the last minute, you can still come out looking like you thought about your gifts all year! Men are notorious for last minute shopping and sometimes not seeming to be very thoughtful of the recipient. Here are some helpful ideas that will keep you out of the doghouse with your lady at least.

·         Bath Sets

Do not go cheap here, you want luxury and a full set of it! Make her feel pampered and special as if you searched for the perfect gift for months.

·         A Robe

But not just any robe. It has to be thick and long and soft and fuzzy! Something she can bundle up in after her soak in the tub with your bath set.

·         Jewelry

Of course this is always a winner. Especially if you have paid attention and there is something she has been wanting but won’t buy for herself.

·         Pajamas

Now this can go both ways, and you could buy some of each to be sure that you please both sides of your lady. Buy sexy for you both and buy comfort for her down time.

·         Chocolates

Go extremely gourmet if you are buying chocolates. She would never indulge in that for herself!

·         Spa Day

If you have an elite spa in your area or nearby, buy her a full day package and send her off to be pampered and spoiled in style. She will come home a totally relaxed and sexier lady.

Last Minute Gift Guide For Men…Think About Her Personality

No matter what you decide to buy for the lady or ladies in your life, think for a few minutes about her personality, her style and her frivolous side. Spoil her in ways she would never do for herself. 

Your Home Sold Guaranteed - Couture Realty Team
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