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Why You Must Stage Your Home Before Listing

Why You Must Stage Your Home Before Listing

If you want to list your home for sale, the first item on your agenda is to have it professionally staged. It is imperative to do this even before you list your home. Staging your home is so important before listing because you want the listing photos of your home to be the absolute best possible showcase of your home. That is the very first impression potential buyers may have, and it is what they base their decisions on which homes to visit in person. If your photos are taken before you stage your home, you may lose buyers that would have made excellent offers.

The top reasons to stage your home first

·         First impressions

When potential buyers visit your home for a showing or an open house, you want the first live impression to stay with them as they view other properties. Hot buyers could potentially visit 20-30 homes in a week. Doing everything you can to ensure they love your home is vital.

·         Sales price

Homes that are professionally staged sell for an average of 17% more than homes that are not staged.

·         Sell faster

Less days on market means higher sales prices. Professionally staged homes sell, on average, 43% faster than un-staged homes.

·         No cost to you

Professional staging out of pocket costs will give you a return on investment hundreds of times over. It is cheaper to professionally stage your home than your first price reduction would cost. The average ROI is 343%, and could possibly be tax deductible.

·         Selling the competition

Un-staged homes sell the competition. If professionally staged homes sell much faster and for higher sales prices, it just is logical that if you do not stage your home, you are helping to sell theirs.

·         You can rest and relax

By staging your home first thing, you can be relaxed that you have done all you can to sell your home faster. And you will have already started your moving tasks by de-cluttering and packing away personal items during the staging process.

·         Buyers need to see potential

Statistically approximately 10% of buyers are able to visualize the potential of a home when they see it. You want to know that you are making it easier for them to see themselves and their belongings in your home.

Home staging before listing your home for sale is definitely a huge deal. It puts your home at the top of the list of comparable properties for sale. It is statistically proven that staged homes will sell much faster and for a higher sales price. There is really no argument for not staging your home.

I can help answer any other questions you have about staging your home for sale. This topic will be a three part series this month on my blog. Next week, we will discuss the home staging process, and in the final blog I will list the top home stagers in the area.

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