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The Staging Process

Many people may think that staging is decorating for a sale. But staging is so much more than decorating. It actually more often is un-decorating and removing clutter or personal items that buyers do not need to or want to see. Buyers need to see your home in a way that they can imagine their own personal effects in it. They want to see open spaces, storage that is not packed full and cluttered. They do not want to see family photos or personal collectibles. You do not want them to be distracted with photos and collections and not using their imagination for seeing themselves in your home.

You will meet with your stager for a consultation in your home, empty or living in it. You will complete a walk through with your stager to itemize what needs to completed in each room. Many times during the consultation things will be moved around and sometimes full rooms can be staged on the spot in a short time. Then you will complete a staging plan that includes everything that needs to be done in each room. It will also include what items will need to be removed from the home, and brought into the home. You most likely will do a second walk through to ensure that your staging plan is complete.

Next you will have a date for staging day, your stager will be gathering all the items that are needed. You will be removing and cleaning up your personal effects that either will be removed into storage or put out of sight neatly. Staging day is exciting and busy, it is a huge production. Stagers will be working like an ant farm. But the results are worth the busy-ness.

Final walk through at the end of staging day is most exciting, it’s like a reveal day. You will see your home like it has never been before. Ready for your buyers to walk through and be wow’d. Once staging is complete it is time to get your home listed and get showings and open houses scheduled.

I can help answer any other questions you have about staging your home for sale. This topic is a three part series on my blog. Next week, we will discuss the top home stagers in the area.

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