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5 Benefits of Using a Realtor For a New Construction Home in Henderson

Learn Why You Should Use a Realtor For a New Construction Home in Henderson 

Are you considering purchasing a new construction home in Henderson, Nevada, instead of a resale property? If so, you’ll need the help of an experienced realtor in the area. Buying a new construction home comes with some unique challenges and considerations compared to resale homes.

A realtor is well-equipped to help you meet these challenges. However, too many home buyers think they don’t need a realtor when buying a newly constructed home.

In this post, our professional team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Couture Realty Team will share five reasons realtors are essential for buying a new construction home in Henderson, Nevada.

1. Realtors Know How to Handle a Negotiation

Realtors are professional negotiators. In fact, home builders may be far more willing to negotiate the price of add-ons and upgrades with your realtor, especially if they have a good relationship with them.

And if the realtor continually brings in clients to the home builder, this is likely to be the case. Since the realtor represents such valuable business for the builder, they have more leverage to potentially get you a better deal on your dream home.

On the builder’s end, they will be more willing to do what they can to retain the realtor and the business they bring in– this means doing what they can to make you happy.

2. Having a Middleman Reduces Conflict

Direct conflicts between you and the home builder can get messy and are never good for the outcome of the transaction. With a realtor on your side, you avoid the potential for a direct conflict in the first place.

A realtor acts as a neutral third-party during the home buying process. First and foremost, they’ll ensure everything is written down throughout the transaction.

In addition, they’ll help express your heeds to the home builder. For example, if you agree with a particular term in the contract, your realtor will be the one who voices your concern to the builder. That way, you avoid the potential for things to get heated.

Another benefit to using a realtor when buying a new construction home in Henderson is that they can help you read through all the contracts. Real estate documents are filled with legal language that can be difficult to understand. 

But realtors have the experience and skills necessary to know exactly what contracts mean. They also know what to look for to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

3. Realtors Advocate For Your Needs

Buying a new construction home in Henderson takes more than just going up to the home builder and signing a contract. And if you’re new to the home buying process and don’t know what to expect, you could find your interests are overlooked by the builder.

This is where an experienced realtor in Henderson can make all the difference in making sure you don’t get taken advantage of.

Most home buyers don’t realize that the home builder has their own realtor to represent their interests in the transaction. For this reason, it only makes sense for you to have your own realtor who can make sure you get the best possible deal on your new home.

So, how exactly can a realtor protect you? One example is making sure the price of the home aligns with what you actually receive.

When you contact a home builder to purchase a home, they’ll often have you tour a model home. These models have the most desirable features such as granite countertops and upgraded appliances.

Unfortunately, some home buyers come away with the impression that their home will look like the model home. In reality, these features cost extra on top of the base price of the home. 

By working with a realtor, you can ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting before you commit to purchasing a home from the builder.

4. Realtors Can Help You Find the Best Inspectors and Lenders

Working with a realtor to buy a new construction home in Henderson, Nevada, is important because they can help you find inspectors, title companies, and lenders that align with your best interests.

Many times, home builders will offer incentives, such as discounts, to encourage you to use their preferred lender. However, that lender might not be the best deal for you. Your realtor will help you shop around and evaluate all your financing options to find one that fits your needs.

The same goes for home inspectors and title companies. The builder may have their own preferred options. However, it’s typically better to get a third-party home inspector since they’re a neutral party in the transaction.

5. Working With a Realtor Is Free For Home Buyers

Lastly, hiring a realtor to help you buy a new construction home in Henderson, Nevada, is a good idea because it costs nothing to you as the home buyer. Instead, the home builder pays the realtor– just as a home seller traditionally pays the commission for a buyer’s agent.

In fact, home builders often factor in the cost of paying buyers’ realtors into their budgets. They view the realtor’s commission as the necessary cost of bringing in new business.

It’s important to note that you won’t save money if you decide not to use a realtor. The home builder won’t credit you the commission they would have paid a realtor or discount the home’s price.

So, as the home buyer, you get all the benefits of using a realtor– at no cost to you.

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