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What is it Really Like to Live in Las Vegas?

Living in Las Vegas is definitely not for everyone. It is always a fun city, so if you are not into having many options for fun and play at any given moment, then it may not be for you. If you love fast paced, always something to do, and you have a decent amount of self-discipline, then it could be perfect for you.

Some fun things about living in Las Vegas

  • Find a Las Vegas Farmer’s Market
  • Learn how to play poker or blackjack
  • Pools galore to visit
  • The Grand Canyon is a day-trip away
  • See a show: so many choices

Some not so fun things about living in Las Vegas

  • The hellish heat
  • Dealing with constant tourists
  • Constant party scene

What Is It Really Like To Live In Las Vegas When Factoring Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Las Vegas is comparable to most other large cities, and much lower than New York City. It is just slightly higher than the national cost of living average. Considering that wages tend to be slightly higher as well, it seems to balance out in the long run. Many service related jobs in the casino industry tend to pay higher than other cities, and many hourly employees work multiple jobs.

Socially, Las Vegas is a great place to live. Even if it is quite a distance from any other major cities, there is always plenty to enjoy socially and for entertainment. There are also many local community events that are geared more towards local residents rather than tourists. The tourist trade is obviously very busy. Small businesses and entrepreneurs seem to do well in Las Vegas, depending on your target market.

The climate is something that new people have to get used to if they have never lived in a desert environment. The desert can be harsh, and very hot. The heat can be overwhelming for many people that have never experienced the desert. It is similar in other western desert cities, such as Phoenix valley, where many non-natives have a hard time adjusting to the intense summer heat and monsoon seasons.

All–in-all living in Las Vegas is a good option for many people. It seems to be a favored choice for residents from California to commute, at least on weekends and holidays. Many keep second homes in Las Vegas to enjoy when they are able to commute. Some residents actually commute on a daily basis, even though it is a longer commute than they may be used to.

Las Vegas has constant activity and is a great place to have fun, relax, and raise a family, or even just a perfect place to visit.  If you are in the market for buying or selling a home, Ken Couture is the best realtor in Las Vegas to help you.  Call us at (702) 476-0060 or fill out the form below.


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