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Tunnel a Step Closer to Expanding into Downtown Las Vegas

Tunnel in Downtown Las Vegas.jpgElon Musk’s Boring tunnel is one step closer to expanding.

On Tuesday, Las Vegas planning commissioners approved Musk’s request to create tunnels underneath downtown Las Vegas for the underground system.

A representative from the Boring Company said it will provide an affordable, safe alternative for transportation that will help cut down traffic.

The expanded route will go underneath Las Vegas Boulevard between Sahara and Stewart avenues, plus parts of Ogden Avenue.

Since the city already has most of those areas under construction, it will help speed up the process to build the tunnels. Part of the condition of expanding is adding stops in certain areas like the Arts District.

Paul Murad, a real estate broker with Metroplex Realty, said the expansion could help struggling businesses in the area.

“I think a lot of people, especially those who like to have local experiences when they travel, are going to appreciate the opportunity to come quickly to downtown Las Vegas, especially the Arts District, Main Street and the surrounding area. It’s a great place for people to get a feel for what Las Vegas was and what it is now,” he said. 

The expansion permit now has to be approved by Las Vegas City Council at a future meeting. The Boring Company also has plans to expand further in Clark County.Follow us on:

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