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Tourists Share Safety Observations while Visiting the Las Vegas Strip

Thousands of tourists flocked to Las Vegas to celebrate Fourth of July Friday, but many wonder whether they are following state mask mandates and proper COVID-19 precautions. 

“It’s actually pretty nice, we enjoy it,” Eric Wade, who was visiting Las Vegas from California said.

The tourists who spoke with 8 News Now had blended reactions. Some said they are confident in casinos enforcing the statewide mask mandate. 

“I’ve seen everybody really complying so far,” Wade added of those on the strip. “Everybody is kind of keeping their distance as best as they can.”

“They make you put it on,” Amy Brannon said of masks in casinos. “And there are guys going around going like this (gesturing to masks) if you don’t have them on.”

However, others don’t believe actions by employees are enough, as they told 8 News Now they still don’t believe some are following the rules. 

“People have masks on but they are not even covering their nose or their mouth,” Ashley Lopez, who was visiting Las Vegas from Arizona said. “So it’s like what’s the whole point?”

“Not everyone is wearing masks,” Lopez added. “And not many people are doing the social distancing.”

Yet, whether these changes are working or not, everyone agrees things look a lot different. 

“It seems kinda like lonely,” Lopez observed. “Even though there’s still people, but it seems lonely.”

They also hope these extra efforts continue to keep our city safe and open.

“They are doing a really good job of trying to get it back to normal,” Wade concluded.

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