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Top 5 Real Estate Investment Markets in Nevada

With the word Nevada, gambling, Las Vegas, and over the top exuberance are the points spark in your mind. But, this silver state has so much more than gambling. Nevada is a heaven for one of the most dynamic real estate markets. World’s fourth-largest producer of gold, Nevada has steady infrastructure development, population growth, and employment rate. In addition to this entire rising Homes sale, strategic location for business, and no personal or corporate income tax are the factors attract real estate investors toward Nevada.

Nevada is very fertile for real estate investment opportunities its positive business climate has a great potential for property investment. For buy and hold investors and property rehabbers, Nevada provides great opportunities to double and triple up on initial investment. But don’t forget that the capital is not readily available in Nevada as other states and it has a strict regulatory environment. The following is a birds-eye view of Nevada’s top five best places for real estate investment opportunities in Nevada, for experienced and new investors alike to jump on and turn a profit.


Most probably you are unaware of this Nevadan city, but in last year’s with an increase of 12.4% in value of median homes this place is going to be an actual paradise for real estate investors. This is the city closely linked with Las Vegas and it is the home to the major Las Vegas famed strip, McCarran International Airport, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Las Vegas:

It is the most popular investment market in Silver state. The median home value increase of Las Vegas was 10.9% in last year’s and there is nothing like a gamble to invest here. Las Vegas is a win-win market for real estate investors. Its fast and steady economic growth, increasing population and construction make it a city, investors should really watch out for.

Carson City:

Another steaming hot real estate market with a straggling increase of 16% in median home value is Carson City. This is the capital of Nevada with a major upper-middle-class population, stable economy and steady growth rate that is providing a golden opportunity for investors.


Reno is the city with a ton of demand for properties. The demand for housing in Reno is rapidly increasing and the median home value has increased 8.5% last year. Reno is a market where homes don’t stay on the market very long. Although the mountainside city’s real estate market is facing slow down, Reno is still a fascinating market for investors.


Henderson is the city that is also a part of the Las Vegas metro area. This second-largest city of the state is famous for its entertainment, art, and culture offerings while the strong economy is another plus point. Henderson is a family-friendly and more suburban area with a low crime rate and best schools. In the last few years, its median home value is increased by about 9.5% and its proximity to Las Vegas is also an attractive feature for investors.


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