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The Markets Most Affected By Investors

The markets most affected by investors.pngInvestors are taking over homes and being blamed for causing inventory shortages in various markets across the country. Investors buy a home, then hold onto the property, usually converting it to rent, rather than returning many homes to the market from a growing portfolio. Housing experts say this has exacerbated the housing shortage in some markets.Investors have been blamed for taking away most of Phoenix’s housing inventory. Charlotte, North Carolina. Miami; Tampa, Florida. And Chicago, according to a new analysis by®. Research shows that, overall, investors are causing inventory shortages in 31 of the top 50 markets in the United States.“Today’s buyers are facing a tough market and data shows they aren’t just competing with each other,” says Danielle Hale,®’s chief economist. “With deep pockets and more flexibility, investors can be daunting competition for the typical home buyer.”In many markets, home purchases are attractive to investors, especially when housing prices and rents are rising.Investors are currently buying more houses than sold. But they also help increase inventory levels. For example, in approximately 19 of the 50 markets tracked, investors sold more homes than they bought and added the most for sale in the real estate markets of Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and San Francisco houses. Show research com®. The study points out that compared with markets where investors have held the real estate for longer periods of time, the decline in inventories in markets where investors contribute tends to be smaller. But there are two notable exceptions to Atlanta and Dallas. Despite more investors selling off, the inventory gap is still widening.

“High home prices, slower rent growth, and uncertainty over the future of work in these markets are likely causing investors to re-evaluate their property portfolios in these areas,” Hale says. “And with homes still selling quickly, even in these metros, an investor deciding to sell can look forward to being able to reposition their dollars elsewhere in a very short period of time.”

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