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The Best Time To List A Home in Las Vegas?

According to a new report by Zillow, selling your Las Vegas home in early May could net you an extra couple thousand dollars.

Early signs for 2020 indicate the market will be “historically tight,” the report said, where the majority of economists and realtor analysts predict we’ll see a significant increase in demand.

In Las Vegas, those posted in the timeframe sell on a median average of 7.5 days and netted sellers $2,100-$2,700 more on average. San Jose, California saw homes listed during peak times saw a 2.1% premium in the purchase price, nearly $25,000. a Zillow analysis showed.

As far as to the specific day of listing, Zillow suggests Saturday and Sunday when pageviews are up 24.8 percent higher than Tuesday.

The suggested time to list in 17 of the largest 35 metros in the country was also early May.

“Many sellers are motivated to get their homes on the market by external forces, such as job moves or school years. But to the extent a home seller can target a certain time of year, it’s hard to beat selling in early May, when listings fetch the highest sale prices and move off the market quickly,” said Jeff Tucker, a Zillow economist.

If selling quickly is a priority, Zillow says to target your listing date to late April.

“Homebuyer demand ebbs and flows in a predictable cycle every year, which means that an astute seller can time their listing date like a sailor reading a tide chart to embark at high tide,” said Tucker.

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