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The advantages of buying a custom-designed home

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Luxury purchasers now have more alternatives than waiting two years to create their dream house. They are increasingly choosing to work with licensed architects and builders who can provide an evolved custom build experience — a completely unique and curated custom home in less time, at a more affordable price, and without the numerous heartaches and frustrations that come with a traditional custom build.

A curated bespoke house, unlike the traditional procedure, is generally move-in ready and meant to appeal to a discerning customer. This reinvented bespoke house construction method has lately acquired favor among professional architects and clients, particularly in the last two years, when inventory has been substantially lower and the primary objective for new home constructions has been to finish them swiftly.

Curated custom houses are comparable to regular custom homes in that they have a one-of-a-kind design. Unlike traditional construction, which requires clients to be involved in even the tiniest elements and decisions, the architect and designer bear this obligation.

For my customers, I like creating and developing tailored bespoke houses. The end result is a gorgeous home that they designed themselves with the help of a team of famous architects and designers. The nicest aspect is that the customer isn’t required to do anything unless they want to. Their design staff makes all of the selections, right down to the silverware. Buying a tailored bespoke house is now a pleasurable and stress-free experience.

Adelaide, one of my most recent Ascaya designs, is a magnificent example of a modern curated bespoke house. Our team of experts devised a one-story plan that took into account elements such as the site’s form and the elevated Strip and mountain views that are practically distinctive to Ascaya while building the estate.

Adelaide is the entire package, with every feature and piece of furniture already selected to fit the overall design. As a curated custom home, it offers a beautiful custom design without the heartache of a long, detailed and expensive building process.

Decisions, decisions

There is a lot of time involved in building a home, from the preliminary research and examination of the home site to the endless decisions that come with creating a cohesive and practical design. Even when initial decisions are made, chances are there will be many more decisions and reassessments to make throughout the building process that generally slow the process even further.

In contrast, a curated custom home is still completely custom, but those often endless decisions needed to build a unique design are turned over to a professional with experience in combining architecture with interior design.

Decisions are made easy for the client in every aspect. Some architects, like myself, can offer a curated custom home that is completely move-in ready for those who want that convenience, in which everything from the furnishings to dinner plates is meticulously selected to create a truly cohesive and unmatchable home experience.

In the curated custom home process, the client’s team of professionals is also able to leverage its expertise and make decisions based on elements that clients might not notice until it’s too late. Some of these finer details that a client might not know to take into consideration include the size and shape of the home site, sun orientation, the scale of interior spaces, complementary materials and textures, designs that complement the community, the prevalence of wind and adjacent home sites.

In some cases, a client who wants to be involved in the planning can even preview the architectural plans and designs before construction begins. Sometimes, my firm will design several curated custom homes in the same community, which often offers our clients the luxury of choosing from a selection of custom homes in their desired neighborhood.

Time is money

Most often, curated custom homes save our clients a lot of time. In a traditional custom home process, the many decisions that are required in building a fully custom home often stretch the timeline out to several years. Deadlines are extended and clients are left feeling like they are wasting away months, or even years, in a rental or less desirable house waiting for their dream home to finally be ready.

When the majority of the decisions are turned over to the client’s team of architectural and design professionals, the process is often much quicker. Our clients are able to move in to their new homes much faster, sometimes in less than a year.

Simpler way to finance

One of the more frustrating aspects of building a custom home is arranging the financing. There is a long and tedious process to securing the financing needed to build a home that might take several years to complete.

On the contrary, that process is usually much easier when it comes to purchasing a curated custom home. The home sites are already secured and the designs are often already complete. In some situations, the homes are even nearly finished by the time the client is ready to buy, making the buying process similar to purchasing an existing home or resale.

Michael Gardner is the principal and lead architect of studio g Architecture, a holistic architectural and interior design studio based in Henderson. He founded the award-winning firm in 2010 and is licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington in the United States and New South Wales in Australia. He also is the founder and owner of another Henderson-based firm, LUXUS Design Build, which offers all-in-one design-build services.

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