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Smart-Home Tech Growing More Popular

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Homeowners are looking for easy upgrades that are simple to control while adding convenience and value to their homes. They’re increasingly turning to smart-home technology, particularly during the pandemic.

Smart-home technology can mitigate danger, prevent damage, manage resources, and anticipate maintenance needs, according to a new report from Z-Wave, a company that provides wireless technology for smart homes. Z-Wave’s 2022 Z-Wave State of the Ecosystem Report was conducted in the fall of 2021 on about 1,500 homeowners who owned one or more smart devices.1.10.2022_smarthome_1.png

The biggest motivators to purchase smart-home tech: convenience, peace of mind, monitoring, safety, security, maintenance, and health use cases, according to the Z-Wave survey. Respondents said they are adopting more smart-home tech for the following reasons:

· “I like to make my morning and evening routines easier”: 81%

· “I get peace of mind from more information about the status or condition of my home”: 81%

· “I am interested in the latest technology”: 76%

· “I like to increase the value of my home with upgrades”: 72%

· “I become more interested in new products when I see them in a friend’s home”: 71%

· “I like to buy new products that are fun to tinker with or do something different”: 61%

More time at home amid the pandemic has led more homeowners to explore smart-home tech. One in four Americans purchased a smart-home device in 2020, according to a 2021 survey released from SafeWise, a firm that offers safety solutions and resources for the home. The most popular smart-home products have included TVs, speakers and displays, and lighting. More than 40% of the 1,000 Americans surveyed say they purchased a security camera or alarm system as well.

Overall, the features most influential in the purchase of smart-home tech include reliable connectivity, easy setup, and data privacy and security, according to the Z-Wave survey.

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