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Small Business Deals at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas

Container Park Las Vegas.jpgLocal businesses around Las Vegas opened their doors today, hoping for big sales on this Small Business Saturday.

At the Downtown Container Park, dozens of small shops had discounts for those who went to this popular downtown location.

Opening today for customers brought some hope to the dozens of shops at Container Park, who have been looking for ways to survive this year.

They know that every item they can sell will make a difference in their financial situation and their future as local businesses.

“We hope that people come out and support not only stores but also mom-and-pop shops, restaurants that are locally owned. I know that our community is hurting right now, so if you can, go out, support us, “ said Annabelle Torres, from the clothing boutique “Third & Arrow”

Good discounts for families were available too.

Here you can eat, drink, shop and even make some great memories.

While some businesses are doing better than others, they are trying to work together as part of a big family.

“We like to promote all of our sister properties here inside Container Park and outside of downtown Las Vegas. We’re a popular bar but we also enjoy a lot of the stores and a lot of the services that you can get around here,“ said Gregory Rodriguez, manager at Oak & Ivy

Some customers also said that this was the time to show that we’re all united during the pandemic.

“They need the business, so that’s what we’re here to do, we’re here to support them,“ said Garry Miller.

It’s not only today that you can support local businesses. Some stores are planning to have great deals all throughout the holiday season. 

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