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Sambalatte, Dee Berkley Jewelry Offer New Items To Help Feed Families

Two Las Vegas-based businesses have started selling new items with the hopes of feeding local families.

Sambalatte at Boca Park has served the nearby Summerlin community for nearly 10 years as a coffee shop and cafe.

But when the novel coronavirus started keeping customers away, owner Luis Oliveira thought the community and his business might benefit more if his store served as a makeshift marketplace. So, he started offering essential groceries for anyone who didn’t want to go to the grocery store.

“You can come here, drink a great cup of coffee, buy a coffee bag to make at home, and buy the basic products you need so you can take them with you without waiting in line and all that kinda stuff,” said Oliveira.

Oliveira is now offering everyday items like rice, beans, milk, eggs, toilet paper and tissues, and selling some of the basics in bulk.

And right now, Sambalatte is offering several deals to customers as well.

Anyone who buys a cup of coffee will get a muffin for free until restrictions are lifted on business because of COVID-19. First responders will also enjoy 20% off their order during that same time period.

In exchange for helping feed families, Oliveira is hoping customers might think about supporting struggling small businesses.

“I worry about, not only our business, but many other local businesses,” he said, “how everybody is going to survive.”

“They announced it’s going to be [like this] through the end of April, and so people need to go out and support your local business because maybe a month from now you’re going to look back and [they’re] gone,” he explained.

“We need to show our love, local support, to any small business,” he added. “Because they need your support like never ever [before].”

But to buy groceries from Sambalatte, you will have to visit the shop at Boca Park.

Speaking of feeding families in the Las Vegas valley, Dee Berkley is doing that by beading bracelets.

Berkley’s jewelry business is based in Las Vegas, but her products are sold across the country. Since she’s been forced to work from home, she has designed and debuted a new line of beaded bracelets based on her neighborhood nature walks.

“I’ll be outside, look at a tree and say ‘god, that would make the coolest necklace,'” she said.

“Then I’ll kinda go around that. Color inspires me,” she added.

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