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Restore A Pool In Just 5 Steps

Restore a Pool in Just 5 Steps.pngSwimming pools can take a lot of maintenance and work to keep them in top condition. And sometimes that job can overwhelm homeowners, forcing them to close their pools for a while. If this has happened to one of your customers, or if they’ve bought a new home with an old pool that needs help, these five steps will get it up and running in no time.Step 1: Fix Any LeaksCost: The average cost of repairing small leaks(link is external) in a pool is around $300. However, if the leaks or damages are severe, the entire pool lining may need to be patched or replaced, which can cost up to $5,000.Helpful Hints

  • If you aren’t sure if your pool is leaking or not, be sure to hire a company that specializes in leak detection to find out.
  • DIY patch kits are available for small leaks at around $25. You can use them to patch the pool yourself if the problem isn’t extensive.

Step 2: Mold RemediationUnfortunately for many pools, if they go too long without chlorine and other treatments, they can start to develop things like algae and mold. While things like algae are harmless and easy to remove, mold can be a serious problem that needs to be addressed. If you’ve taken the time to clean your pool and find mold growing in it, you will need to treat the mold before filling your pool.Cost: The average cost of mold remediation(link is external) is around $500 for a 10×10 area.Helpful Hints

  • Most mold companies will do a free evaluation. So if you find some stains that aren’t coming out, and you aren’t sure if they are mold, you can have them checked for free.
  • Blue/green algae, while unsightly, can be removed with some bleach and a scrub brush. Try this first if you find stains on the sides of your pool to help get it clean.

Step 3: Replace Old EquipmentYour pool probably has a lot of maintenance equipment to help keep it in good working order. Items like filters and pumps will help clean your pool and remove items like scale and particles that can bog it down. However, this equipment requires proper care and maintenance when the pool is not in use. If this is not the case in your pool, you may need to replace the old equipment to get your pool back to working order.Costs: The cost of a new pool pump(link is external) is around $800 for a variable speed, but you can find single speeds for as low as $120. The cost of a filter(link is external) ranges from $150 for a cartridge filter to $700 for one that uses diatomaceous earth.Helpful Hints

  • Look for solar-powered pumps and filters that don’t require frequent changing to keep your monthly expenses down after the new equipment has been installed.
  • Size both of these items to your pool; it’s just as important not to purchase something too big as it is to purchase something that isn’t too small.

Step 4: Install a Pool HeaterWhile most people use their pools to cool off, there are certainly times when the water can get a little too cold to not want to enter. In this case, the pool heater can make a big impact on people’s enjoyment of the water. The radiator helps to maintain the temperature of the water; combined with solar panels to prevent pool temperatures from dropping overnight. You can extend your swimming time by several months each year.Costs: The average cost of a pool heater(link is external) ranges from $1,800 to $2,400 for a gas or electric heater that has been professionally installed. Solar heaters installed DIY can save you the most, running about $300 to $800.Helpful Hints

  • Invest in a solar cover to pair with your heater to keep your energy costs down and increase the temperature even more.
  • Invest in a heater that uses the same fuel as the rest of your home – gas, propane, or electric – to make running it easier and more efficient, or use a solar heater for the lowest expense.

Step 5: Put Up a FenceThe fence is one of the most important parts of the pool. Not only will they protect your kids and pets from water, but they can also prevent neighbor accidents from happening. If your pool doesn’t have a fence or if the fence is in poor condition, it’s time to install a new one to maximize your pool’s safety and enjoyment.Costs: The average cost of a swimming pool fence including gate is around $1,120.Helpful Hints

  • Make sure your fence is high enough, and that it’s dig proof to prevent kids or pets from getting in.
  • Install a childproof latch on the gate to keep unsupervised kids out of the area.

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