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Rents are skyrocketing in Las Vegas. Here’s what you can do

Rents are skyrocketing in Las Vegas Here's what you can do.pngThe housing shortage has created a crisis for Las Vegas Valley renters, and many worry about lease renewal terms and the shock of rent increases.

The Southern Nevada Legal Aid Center explains that Nevada law limits options for tenants. 

 “We see rents rising across the valley. Unfortunately, there is little that a tenant can do in these situations. It’s not a rent-controlled state like New York,” said attorney Aaron MacDonald of the Southern Nevada Legal Aid Center. “The landlord has the option of increasing the rent up to the amount she wants, as long as she gives proper notice.” 

 What is the Law? According to the Legal Help Center: 

 Landlords cannot increase rent during your tenancy and must give you 60 days notice of the increase in rent Monthly tenants must also receive notice about 60-day rent increase in advance Tenants must be notified of a rent increase 30 days in advance by 

 In addition to the law, MacDonald offers the following options: 

 Negotiate. Prove why you are a good tenant and what you can afford. Be proactive with your landlord before your lease ends. 

 “That way, you are protected for the duration of the lease against rent increases,” he said.

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