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Realtor Analysis: 3 Tip For Downsizing As Empty Nesters in Greater Las Vegas

Downsizing As Empty Nesters in Greater Las Vegas.

3 Tips for Buying Downsizing as Empty Nesters

Are you thinking about downsizing as empty nesters? Is it time to buy another suitable home for your long-awaited retirement years?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We have assembled a free report titled, The Empty Nester; How To Sell A Place You Call Home. to help move you through this emotional process.

Like so many home sellers, you may be finding out that after years of kids moving about your house, toys on the floor, and music floating throughout, all of a sudden you can hear a pin drop over the quiet buzz of the refrigerator. 

Here are 3 tips to help you understand the challenges involved in making such a move and how to avoid the most common and costly mistakes when downsizing as empty nesters.

1. Know Why You’re Selling Your Home and Keep It to Yourself

Your decision to sell your home affects everything from setting a price to deciding how much time and money to invest in getting your home ready for sale. 

What’s most important to you: 

  • The money you walk away with
  • The length of time your property is on the market
  • Finding the perfect place
  • Finding a good buyer

Different goals will dictate different strategies. However, don’t reveal your motivation to anyone else, or they may use it against you at the negotiating table. 

2. Maximizing Your Home’s Sales Potential

The appearance of your home is the first impression, and it is critical to maximizing your home’s sales potential. You may not be able to change your home’s location or floor plan, but you can do a lot to improve its appearance. 

The look and feel of your home generate a greater emotional response than any other factor. 

Before a showing, clean like you’ve never cleaned before. 

You will want to pick up, straighten, unclutter, scrub, scour, and dust. Fix everything, no matter how insignificant it may appear. 

You want to get a ‘wow’ response from prospective buyers who can imagine themselves living in your home.

The decision to buy a home is based on emotion, not logic. Prospective buyers want to try on your home just like they would a new suit of clothes. 

3. Don’t Downsizing as Empty Nesters Before You Sell Your Home

Studies have shown that it is more difficult to sell a vacant home because it looks forlorn, forgotten, and simply not appealing.

It could even cost you thousands. If you move, you’re also telling buyers that you have a new home and are probably highly motivated to sell fast. 

This will give them an advantage at the negotiating table because they think a motivated seller will accept a lower offer.

You Will Love Your New Home or I’ll Buy It Back

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If you’re an empty nester who is ready to move on and possibly downsize, we can easily guide you through the home selling and buying process. 

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