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Real Christmas Trees Growing in Popularity in Las Vegas

Real Christmas Trees.jpgSome residents in the Las Vegas Valley are “getting real” with their Christmas trees this season.

Rudolph’s Christmas Trees in Las Vegas saw brisk business on Saturday, the first weekend of December. Rudolph’s is offering online sales with delivery and home setup during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rudolph’s said it has seen a 25 percent increase in sales from last year.

Last month, The Associated Press reported that the real Christmas tree industry, which has been battling increased interest in artificial trees, is glad to see that more Americans appear to be flocking to fresh-cut evergreens this season amid the pandemic.

Both wholesale tree farmers and small cut-your-own lots across the U.S. were reporting strong demand, with many opening well before Thanksgiving. Businesses say they were seeing more people and earlier than ever.

A number of reasons are driving the uptick in interest, the AP reported. More Americans are staying home for the holidays amid pandemic restrictions and are realizing that for the first time in years — or maybe ever — they will be home to water a fresh-cut tree.

With holiday parades and festivals canceled, stir-crazy families also are looking for a safe way to create special memories.

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