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Raiders’ new $2 billion stadium in Las Vegas passes key test that Oakland Coliseum seemed to struggle with

Before the Raiders’ new stadium in Las Vegas can open this year, it’s going to have pass a bunch of important tests, and one those key tests came on Wednesday when the stadium made it through its “Super Flush” test. If you’re wondering what goes into that test, it’s the one where the workers at the stadium go into all 297 restrooms at the venue so that they can flush all 1,430 toilets and urinals at the same time. Oh, and while that’s happening, the workers are also making sure that every sink in each restroom is running. The test is done to make sure the stadium’s plumbing system can handle a game day crowd of 70,000 fans. 

According to Julie Amacker, who serves as the director for CAA Icon, which serves as one of the project managers at the stadium, this is one of the final tests that Allegiant Stadium has to pass before it can officially open, which is currently scheduled to happen on July 31. 

“We don’t ever want there to be 60,000 to 70,000 people in the building and the plumbing system fails us during one of those events,” Amacker said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “This is one of the last boxes to check that says we’re ready to accept guests.”

If you’re wondering how exactly one goes about coordinating the flushing of 1,430 toilets, the answer is simple: Everyone uses a walkie-talkie. 

The Raiders were probably thrilled to see their new stadium pass the “Super Flush” test, and that’s because their old stadium in Oakland was probably the one venue in the NFL that would have a difficult time passing such a test right now. 

The coliseum dealt with multiple sewage issues over the years, including a problem in October 2016 where the bowels of the stadium flooded. 

There was also the time where the urinals were closed on A’s opening day, which is the one day where you’d think they’d work. 

The outer portion of the stadium also wasn’t really designed to deal with rain. This is what would happen on days where the coliseum got hit with a lot of rain.  

As for the stadium in Vegas, besides the plumbing, workers have also been busy putting down the field, and here’s what that looks like so far.

The stadium has also been testing its outdoor lighting system, which seems to be working pretty well. 

Overall, the stadium is starting to come together nicely, even if some fans think it looks like a Roomba from the outside. 

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