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Raiders Inaugural Season in Las Vegas Reportedly Already Sold Out, Tickets Now Going for Exorbitant Prices

If you’re planning on heading to Las Vegas for a Raiders game this year, you might want to start looking for tickets now, because they’re not going to be easy to find, and then, even if you find them, they’re not going to be cheap. According to the Athletic, the Raiders have already sold out every ticket they have for the 2020 season. There’s a multitude of factors for why there’s so much excitement surrounding the Raiders, and not all of it has to do with the fact that the team is now located in Vegas (although that’s a big reason). Another reason the Raiders are popular this season is because they’re the Raiders. If the team’s fans have proven one thing over the years, it’s that they’ll attend games whether the team is located in Los Angeles, Oakland or Las Vegas. 

Another factor helping the Raiders is that they have one of the best home schedules in football. For their inaugural season at Allegiant Stadium, the Raiders will get play host to Drew Brees’ Saints, Tom Brady’s Buccaneers, Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs, and not surprisingly, all three of those games will be in primetime. 

Raiders coach Jon Gruden actually wanted to see all the team’s games put in primetime. 

“I love it,” Gruden told, via the Athletic. “I mean, I just love it. You don’t want to go anywhere else for primetime. I am surprised they’re not all in prime time when we play in Vegas.”

The Raiders will also host a fourth primetime game against the Chargers. 

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