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MSG Sphere Begins To Take Its Place on The Las Vegas Strip

The massive MSG Sphere is taking shape on the Las Vegas skyline.

The colossal entertainment building has officially completed its widest point: a 516-foot equator.

Senior Vice President of Construction Adam Vickers says the project will forever change the landscape of the Las Vegas Strip.

“It’s going to blow people away,” Vickers said.

The Madison Square Garden Company’s Sphere (The MSG Sphere) is designed to be a high-tech entertainment venue.

The more than 800,000 square foot building is tucked next to the Venetian and expected to host concerts, conventions and more.

“I’ve worked on many projects in the world, and I’ve never worked on anything like this,” said Vickers.

Vickers says up to 20,000 people will be able to hear the acoustics from more than 100,000 speakers.

He says Beamforming audio technology will allow each guest to hear different sounds at different spots of the sphere.

“If you sit in one part of the auditorium, you could hear the soundtrack in English, and if you sat in another part of the auditorium, you could hear it in German,” said Vickers.

Guests will also soak in the colorful projections on the wrapping screen, the size of three football fields.

“This is the biggest LED screen in the world,” he said.

This vision takes a lot of hands. 900 construction workers, 12 million pounds of rebar, and that’s only to hit the half-way point.

“It’s an engineering marvel, to be able to conclude the vision of building a sphere,” said Vickers.

He says once completed, this project will create 4400 jobs annually with an annual economic output of $730 million. The project is expected to come full circle in 2021.

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