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MGM To Be ‘Operating Differently’ Upon Reopening

MGM Resorts International will be “operating differently” when its properties reopen, according to a Tuesday video from Acting CEO and President Bill Hornbuckle.

Cleaning procedures, the way people greet guests, casino floor layouts and restaurants will all be affected, Hornbuckle said in the video. He did not go into details on what those changes may entail.

“This a completely uncharted path,” Hornbuckle told employees in the video, which was recorded from his home. “But we have to consider every aspect of our business so we can welcome our guests safely and keep each other safe while we do it.”

Hornbuckle added that the hospitality industry will “likely change in the foreseeable future,” and these decisions are made to allow the company to have the “best resources” to operate successfully until it recovers.

In the meantime, Hornbuckle urged staff to stay at home and wear a mask if they do need to venture outside.

“It’s not easy to face a catastrophic and unprecedented event like this. It’s especially hard because the history of this pandemic has yet to be written,” he said. “The uncertainty of our own health and that of our loved ones looms large. Now is the time to gather all of our strength, to follow the public health guidelines, even when they are challenging.”

Hornbuckle also gave an update on MGM’s employee grant fund, which is supporting employees in financial hardship because of the coronavirus pandemic. The company has laid off and furloughed workers amid the crisis.

The fund has gathered more than $12.5 million and has received more than 3,000 applications for assistance. Hornbuckle said the company is working “as quickly as (it) can” to help those who qualify.

Payments from the fund began two weeks ago, and Hornbuckle said hundreds of bills for employees and their families have been paid, with more on the way.

“This month alone we have paid out on behalf of our employees what we normally do in an entire year,” he said. “Our goal is to help as many of our colleagues as we possibly can through this crisis.”

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