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Living in Las Vegas, NV

There are many cities in the United States where you simply have to say the name to someone and they will automatically know where you are talking about and probably give you a list of “must-see” places and attractions there. Las Vegas, NV, is most certainly one of those places. Thanks to the “Las Vegas Strip,” just about everyone knows where Las Vegas is, what you can do when you visit, and why it is one of the premier vacation destinations.

However, there is more to Las Vegas than the Strip. Living in Las Vegas, NV, is a totally different experience than those tourists who are just visiting. There is a wonderful culture throughout the city, and residents can enjoy a variety of excellent indoor and outdoor activities that are not focused on the Strip. Read on to find out more about living in Las Vegas, NV.

Fast Facts About Las Vegas, NV 

If you are interested in moving to and living in Las Vegas, NV, here are some important facts to keep in mind as you are searching for a home and preparing for your move:

Population (2020): 641,903

Distance from: 

  • Henderson, NV: 20min (15.8 miles)
  • Lake Havasu City, AZ: 2hr 29 min (153 miles)
  • Reno, NV: 7 hr 1min (438 miles)

Nearest airport:

Median income (2020): 

  • Individual: $53,000 
  • Household: $58,465

County: Clark

Type of location: City

Why Is Las Vegas, NV, a Nice Place to Live?

Although you will find no shortage of shopping, gambling, fine dining, and entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip, there is much more to this city than that. Its name comes from the Spanish for “The Meadows,” and it is located in the greater Mojave Desert. Because of this, it has a subtropical hot desert climate with long, hot summers and mild winters. It rarely rains in Las Vegas, so you can easily plan an outdoor adventure or family gathering at almost any time of the year.

If you have had your fill of the Strip, Las Vegas has 68 parks for you to explore and enjoy with family and friends. Las Vegas has 3 major professional sports teams: Vegas Golden Knights (NHL), Las Vegas Raiders (NFL), and Las Vegas Aces (WNBA). And even though Las Vegas is primarily a gambling city (playing host to the largest number of land-based casinos in the world), you can also enjoy plenty of arts and culture at the many museums scattered throughout the city, including the Neon Museum, The Mob Museum, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, and the galleries of the Downtown Arts District.

Outside of the Strip, living in Las Vegas, NV, is just like life in any other big city with the hustle and bustle of work and many recreational options.

What Is Las Vegas, NV Known For?

As anyone knows, Las Vegas, NV, has earned the title of “Gambling Capital of the World” because of the many famous casinos all located on or near the Strip. Once you pass the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, you should prepare yourself for the lights, sounds, and energy of the Strip. In addition to gambling, many of the casinos also offer fine dining, shopping, hotel accommodations, and shows from famous entertainers.  

You simply cannot go to Las Vegas without spending some time on the Strip, and the city is an internationally recognized resort city. So many of the casinos focus on luxury and extravagance, and you will feel like royalty when you book a room at one of these fabulous locations. In addition to being the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas has also developed a reputation for tolerance of adult-based entertainment and earned the title “Sin City.” 

What Are the Best Restaurants?

Whenever you have a craving for some good eats, Las Vegas has so many options it can be difficult to make a decision. Whether you are looking for fine dining on the Strip or comfort food from local favorites, living in Las Vegas, NV, provides you with options for everything. Here are some of the top restaurants located in Las Vegas:

  • Gordon Ramsay Steak: exceptional steakhouse with plenty of energy on the Strip
  • Bacchanal Buffet: buffet featuring more than 500 different items to sate any craving you may have
  • Sparrow + Wolf: American cuisine with a twist in Chinatown
  • Pizza Rock: not your average pizzeria
  • Bardot Brasserie: classic dishes with a contemporary twist for brunch, lunch, or dinner

There are too many restaurants and eateries in Las Vegas to name, so you will simply have to go check them all out for yourself!

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