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Live Shows Slow to Relaunch Across Las Vegas

Live Shows in Las Vegas.jpgMany live shows in the Entertainment Capital of the World are still trying to reopen, tackling logistics of the latest COVID-19 restrictions. 

Some shows are able to quickly adapt and are expecting relaunches soon. Many other smaller venues have concerns over revenue and small numbers of attendees. Some lack the space to accommodate the 25-foot rule. 

Gov. Steve Sisolak announced on September 29 that shows could reopen, pending state approval. Compliance mandates include capacity restrictions and performers to stay 25 feet from the audience. 

Ross Mollison, the “impresario extraordinaire” of Siegelworld, the company behind Absinthe, hopes for a swift relaunch this month. 

“We want to prove we can go a great job with the 25 foot rule in place,” Mollison said, hoping to safely pave the way for other shows to reopen. 

Tommy Wind, magician and headliner at the Oyo Hotel and Casino, said the venue is still reviewing reopening plans with the limited space.

“Many nights we wanted to go to capacity. We don’t have that luxury. What’s it going to take to make it feel somewhat normal, so people don’t have a bad experience as well?” Wind said.  

Leadership from Zombie Burlesque at the V Theater is asking state leadership to review the guidelines for the sake of smaller venues.

Under current state guidelines, the space in the Miracle Mile Shops may only accommodate 40 out of 200 people. 

“The root of it is safety, and if we could focus on the safety of it all and get these small local talents back to work,” host and performer Enoch Augustus Scott said.  “None of us have that kind of Celine Dion money. We are hard working, middle class Americans,” he said. 

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