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Leveraging Lower-Cost Solar Energy Options

According to a report in the ReviewJournal, interest in solar panel installations in Nevada may level off or dip slightly in 2016, due to recent changes in net metering that went into effect on January 1, 2016. These changes make it less lucrative for homeowners to convert to solar by lowering the amount NV Power will pay to purchase the excess energy that private solar systems produce. With less attractive buy-back rates for excess capacity, it could take solar panel owners longer to break even on the expense of installation and start up. Regardless, you should still find out more about leveraging lower-cost solar energy options that could be beneficial in the long run.

So how can the average homeowner, who perhaps does not currently have the financial resources to “go solar”, still leverage some of the cost saving benefits of solar power? ProudGreenHome offers several suggestions for stand-alone solar-powered products that homeowners can use to help lower energy costs. These products won’t get you off the grid, but they can allow you to benefit from the abundance of solar energy in Nevada, without a large start-up expense.

You can green your home with some of the following ideas:

·      Solar Water Heaters: Instead of trying to power your whole house with solar panels, how about just your energy-hogging water heater? There are different types of solar water heaters available, but some are geared more toward cold climates. Make sure you choose one best suited to the warm Las Vegas climate.

·      Solar Attic Fans: An attic fan helps pull heat out of your attic, and also helps remove moisture. It’s highly recommended that you have an attic fan to improve the energy efficiency of your home. A solar attic fan produces its own energy to operate through a small solar panel.

·      Solar Charging Devices: You don’t need to have your whole house powered by solar energy in order to charge your cell phone and other devices. Solar chargers are relatively small, inexpensive products that you can use to power such items as phones, tablets, and laptops. 

·      Solar Outdoor Lights: Outdoor lighting adds aesthetic value to your home, as well as being a safety feature. Instead of installing wired lights that use your home’s electricity, why not use solar-powered lights that collect energy during the day and shine beautifully at night?

·      Skylights: Skylights bring natural light indoors and can light work areas or dark hallways without the need for electrical lighting during daylight hours.

To read more about these products or for other ideas, check out the full article on the ProudGreenHome website.

For more ideas beyond just leveraging lower-cost solar energy options, contact us. We can show you ways that can make your home more energy efficient and more marketable. If you are in the market for buying or selling a home, Ken Couture is the best realtor in Las Vegas to help you.  Call us at (702) 476-0060 or fill out the form below.



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