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Las Vegas Ranked Number 1 Moving Destination

Moving Destination.jpgEntertainment, the nightlife, food, and shows — we all know Las Vegas is a top destination for many things, but most recently, it was ranked the “number one” moving destination by Penske Truck Rental.

Las Vegas has so much to offer, but its affordable living is making it a hot commodity. When the pandemic hit, many American’s made tough choices and had to move away, and it looks like Las Vegas was a top destination for them to choose.

Las Vegas came in at number one, but it was closely followed by Phoenix, Denver, Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Dallas, San Antoni, and Tampa.

May is also National Moving Month. According to Penske, they also saw an uptick in inbound truck rentals to the Western Mountain Regions like Idaho and Montana, which reflected the trend of people leaving big cities for rural and remote areas.

Alex Stechschulte and his partner left Michigan recently. Both of them are looking for a fresh start and a warmer future in Las Vegas.

“I decided to move to Las Vegas for so many reasons,” said Stechschulte. “I visited several times. Coming from Michigan, the winter is not amazing. I love the sunshine and blue skies. There are so many restaurants here and things to do. I love how worldly it is.”

Although the couple has been in town for a short period, they say COVID was not a factor in their decision to move to Sin City. They say their passion for the outdoors and the warmer weather was a significant factor. They think it will help them in their plan to grow their photography business.

The moving company also reported similar trends for the first quarter of 2021. They’ve had to make several significant fleet upgrades and increased their fleet to meet the market demand.

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