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Las Vegas is Slowly Opening Back Up

Slowly Backing Up Las Vegas.jpgLast week, it was announced that travelers returning to New York, New Jersey or Connecticut from Nevada no longer have to quarantine for two weeks.

It’s a change that makes travel much easier for a part of the country that sent 1 million tourists to Las Vegas last year.

“They love Vegas, and when the time is right and they want to return, they have one less barrier to doing that,” said Nelson-Kraft, the Senior Vice President of Communications at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. “We look forward to welcoming them back.”

It’s a small victory for a tourism-driven state whose visitor numbers are still down by 55 percent from 2019, but it’s a victory nonetheless.

Nelson-Kraft, says these kinds of victories are all thanks to the hard work of the members of the public, who have taken steps to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus that brought the nation to a standstill.

“Each step is really a testament to the good work the entire community is doing to reduce the spread of the virus,” said Nelson-Kraft. “News like the tri-state area back east changing its travel advisory, or travel to Nevada that doesn’t require quarantining afterward is a great positive step. Our taverns getting to reopen late Sunday night is another step in the right direction.”

The lowered spread can be seen in the latest numbers. While there have still been new deaths and new cases reported each day, the rolling average of daily new cases and deaths has been declining in the past weeks.

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