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Las Vegas High-Rise Building Hosts Social Distancing Balcony Dance Party

On Monday evening, the residents of Turnberry Towers East stepped outside on their balconies for a different type of party.

The residential high rise hosted a balcony party complete with sounds from DJ Shai Peri.

Residents of the 318 unit high rise, located just off the Las Vegas Strip, join similar balcony parties seen in cities, like Italy, San Diego, and Chicago.

Jason Bishop and Tony Rector with Turnberry Towers East tell News 3, this was a creative way to give residents something to look forward to while encouraging social distancing.

“This is somewhat unique for Vegas…it gives people something to look forward to until we can get through all this,” said Bishop.

The two-hour dance party was originally planned for Sunday evening but was rained out.

Bishop and Rector are hoping this move encourages other properties to have social distancing balcony parties for their residents. They are also hoping that people will continue to social distance so the city can reopen and life can get back to normal.

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