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Las Vegas Couple Says Supplements, Herbs Helped Them Battle Coronavirus

“For my family, I really believe boosting our immune system really, really helped,” said Shon Murray, a Las Vegas mother and wife who just recovered from COVID-19.

Shon and her husband, Duane Murray, a Las Vegas firefighter, both tested positive for COVID-19.

Duane’s symptoms started with a dry cough and a fever. Shon says her symptoms were mostly body aches and fatigue. Both of them lost their sense of smell and taste.

As soon as the Murrays knew they had the virus, they went into overdrive when it came to taking vitamins, supplements and natural herbs.

Thankfully, Shon and Duane were able to make a full recovery, and they believe taking immune support herbs and vitamins every day played a key role.

“Elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D. We did fish oil, a multivitamin. Then I’d use an herbal defense, zinc, which is huge, and NAC is really important because it protects your lungs,” Shon said as she listed the supplements they used.

According to IRI, a market research firm that tracks supplement sales at numerous drug stores and retailers throughout the nation, since the COVID-19 outbreak, sales of vitamin C spiked by 146 percent, sales of zinc shot up 255 percent and elderberry supplement sales soared 415 percent.

But do these vitamins really help?

Dr. Michael Johnson, the Director of Community Health at Southern Nevada Health District weighed in.

“Possibly, they could. People take echinacea as well as a preventative measure or if they feel symptoms coming on, and people report that that helps,” Johnson said.

He says health officials just don’t know enough about COVID-19 to say for sure if supplements can help fight or prevent it. He also says exercise and a healthy diet are the best way to strengthen your immune system.

“The best advice is really to talk to your primary care provider depending on your personal health situation and any underlying conditions you have,” said Johnson.

For the Murrays and many others like them, they’d rather take their chances with supplements than without them.

“We tried it, and here we are. We can’t totally attribute our results to vitamins. Of course, our faith is very important. Maybe the two of those together. As far as we’re concerned, it worked,” said Duane.

Worldwide, more than 300,000 people have recovered from COVID-19, and reports show that number could actually be higher because of the number of people who have or had the virus but weren’t actually tested.

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