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Las Vegas Barbershops Offer Free Haircuts

To celebrate 2020 graduates, Las Vegas Valley barbershops gave out free haircuts and professional photos to high school seniors, fifth graders and kindergartners on Sunday.

5 Star Barbershop in North Las Vegas was busy with graduates in caps and gowns getting their photos taken by volunteer photographers. All 47 available slots were filled almost instantly online, owner Michael “Shorty” Joyner said.

Food, drinks, caps and gowns were donated to the effort, he added.

“We always try to do whatever we can in the community,” Joyner said. “If we need to do it we will.”

Brittany Benberry of North Las Vegas brought her graduating daughter to the shop to celebrate the occasion.

“At first I thought she felt a little down about graduation being canceled,” she said, adding that her older sister had a party and photo shoot for her high school graduation last year.

For her daughter, Anijha Jackson, the day was enough.

“Being celebrated and noticed is good enough for me,” the Cheyenne High School graduate said during her photo shoot.

The endeavor was spearheaded by Robert “Twix” Taylor, who hosted the first free event last week at his Fade ’Em All Summerlin barbershop. He had serviced about 50 seniors and heard more were interested.

He asked Joyner and barbers at the Mr. North Las Vegas Barber Shop if they would be interested in participating. The latter barbershop also serviced kindergartens and fifth graders on Sunday. All together, about 120 students were able to get their photos taken.

“Just like a virus can spread, I believe when people do good things for people from the heart that positivity can spread even more,” Taylor said. “And seeing mothers shed tears of joy really let us know how valuable these pictures are to their families.”

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