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Investors Continue to Find Las Vegas Appealing Despite Increase in Home Prices

Investors Continue to Find Las Vegas Appealing.jpgAs Nevada’s population continues to boom, so is our housing market. Especially here in southern Nevada. The area is enticing a lot of investors.

With more people moving to Las Vegas, low taxes, and an economy that is becoming more diverse, investors are interested in seeing their money grow in southern Nevada.

“One has to do with the pro-business laws, and the next one is we are almost guaranteed to have property prices increase due to the limited amount of land that is still available for development.”

Over the past year, home prices went up, but Las Vegas also saw rent go up, which is something real estate investors like to see.

“The attraction of Las Vegas is the cash flow and the appreciation,” he said.

With a small supply of homes on the market, investors have to act quickly, just like people looking for primary homes.

“You don’t have three days to make an offer, you have to do it in two days, or you are just not going to have a chance,” he said.

Las Vegas will continue to be popular for investors after the pandemic as the population continues to grow.

Side Note: According to real estate experts, the Las Vegas apartment market is also staying strong, with rising rents and lower vacancy rates.  The Nevada State Apartment Association says rents are rising as demand continues to grow, especially with people moving here from out of state.

The average cost of an apartment is close to $1,200 a month. 

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