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Google’s Top 10 Outdoor Lifestyle Trend

Google's Top 10 Outdoor Lifestyle Trends.pngAs homeowners and buyers spend more and more time at home, they pay more and more attention to the outdoor space. So what is the trend of outdoor space? Furniture retailer Living Spaces recently highlighted Google Trends data to show that as homeowners decorate outdoor activities, people’s interest is heightened.Warm colors: Google Trends data shows a color increase in rustic dirt Interest in terracotta, rust, rose, and moss green colors are all growing.Indoor-outdoor spaces: According to Daniela Lopez, designer at Living Spaces, “Cozy, private and shaded outdoor spaces” are all the rage – all through comfy sofas, mood lighting, and a multi-functional, weather-resistant interior. Indoor and outdoor spaces posted one of the biggest gains for 2021, up about 156% from last year, according to a Google search.Backyard playsets: Kids also have their own private space outside, including garden games, treehouses, and even giant manuscripts on the sidewalk or outdoor reading nooks. The Google Trends report shows that backyard games have grown by about 7% over the past year.Gardening: Container gardening is gaining in popularity, which has increased locations around outdoor spaces for flower, fruit, or vegetable pots. Edible gardens have increased by 20% in searches over the past year, and sustainable gardens have increased by 9%.Backyard basketball court: Sports and hobbies have become popular during the pandemic, and half-court basketball courts don’t need to take up a lot of space. Google Trends notes that the “backyard basketball court” has seen 42% interest over the past year.Garden gnomes: Gnomes are placed in the courtyard for bizarre fantasy accents. Google searches for “garden gnomes” have increased 11% in the past year.Rattan stool: Rattan provides a coastal vibe, but it is used everywhere in more outdoor spaces. Google searches increased 4%.Front porch: Lopez noted that porches have become an extension of indoor spaces and a venue during the pandemic for drive-in parties or distant social gatherings.Hot tubs: By creating a recreational getaway, spas have also gained popularity. Spa searches increased 4.11% year over year.

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