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Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Do you look around your home and feel like something is missing? Do you feel like you need a change? That is completely normal after living in the same place for awhile. Think about the last time you made any changes to your home. How long ago was it? If it has been awhile, it is time to fall back in love with your home.

Fall back in love with your home

If you haven’t already completed your spring cleaning, it is time to get rid of things. I am not only referring to things you don’t use, or that don’t fit anymore. I am referring to everything you don’t love. If it does not represent you and your family, get rid of it. If it is something sentimental, but you don’t want to see it every day, put it in the attic. Surround yourself with only things you love, and get rid of the rest.

Take a walk around your home. Are there spots on the walls that have nail holes, or chipping paint? Take a little bit of time and fix it. It goes a long way to creating a happy home free of minute frustrations. If you don’t like your paint color, now is the time to switch it up.

If you haven’t rearranged your furniture in awhile, now is the time. Move your things around and create a new space and vibe through your home. Even if you don’t think your furniture will work the new way, try it out for a week, you might be surprised. You can even switch your rooms up. If you have an office and a playroom, trade spaces for them.

Add life to your home. Add some plants and flowers that you like to spruce up your space. Add something new to your home that you love. If there has been a painting that you have your eye on, splurge and add it to you home.

Sometimes it is the little things that can help you remember why you love your home. If you are in the market for buying or selling a home, Ken Couture is the best realtor in Las Vegas to help you.  Call us at (702) 476-0060 or fill out the form below.


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