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Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas

Easy kitchen organization ideasThere are big kitchens and small kitchens, and kitchens everywhere in between. Whatever size kitchen you have, organization is key to a harmonious area. Better Homes and Gardens has over 30 great ideas to get your kitchen organized. I have gathered a few I think might be beneficial.

If you have the room for rolling storage, it can also be great for added counter space. You can purchase a rolling island with storage underneath at most furniture store or even hardware stores. It is a great addition to most kitchens. You use it when you need it, and push it aside when you don’t.

Add freestanding storage to your kitchen. If you have unused wall space, add a bookshelf or other shelving unit to store your items. You can store everything from dishes to pantry items on open shelves.

Another great idea for out of the way storage is hanging baskets. You can hang these on your wall where your backslash is to hold fruit, veggies, or kitchen utensils.

Do you have an area of wall above your cabinets that is just sitting there empty? You can use it to increase your storage area. Add floating shelves and store less used items on them. Make sure there isn’t anything, like air vents, behind that wall before you start hanging shelves. Another option is to remove that part of the drywall and use the top of the cabinets as storage area.

If your cabinets or pantry are loaded with items, adding risers can help. You can store items on top of the riser, and slide other items right under it. It doubles your usable cabinet space.

Clutter free counter tops are always appealing. You can purchase clear storage containers and label everything. If you have a place for everything, it is more likely it will end up in that place.

Pantry space management is always a tough one to tackle. By grouping your items into categories and purchasing baskets or containers to store them, you can create organization in your pantry. It is also recommended to label the things in the baskets so you know where everything is.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to kitchen storage! If you are in the market for buying or selling a home, Ken Couture is the best realtor in Las Vegas to help you.  Call us at (702) 476-0060 or fill out the form below.


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