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Downtown Las Vegas Venue Puts Toe in The Livestream

The entertainment complex Notoriety on the top floor of Neonopolis had barely opened when it was closed by COVID-19. Venue operator Ken Henderson of Best Agency had been planning nightly entertainment ranging from music to magic to comedy in seven theaters.

Three had been opened before being locked down. Seating in these rooms is a socially distant-friendly (if that’s possible) 75 to 250. Clint Holmes, Michael Shapiro’s Reckless in Vegas, Travis Cloer with Frankie and Tony Moreno, Elvis Monroe and Michael Mayfield’s “Late Night Magic” show headlined in the venue’s infancy.

Now quiet, the entertainment complex on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street is mapping out a plan to reanimate those cozy rooms through livestream performances. It makes sense to develop the fortress into a streaming venue. The proper theaters would give entertainers who have been performing in their dens, bedrooms and (in Shawn Eiferman’s case) master bathrooms a different performance platform.

The new lights, sound equipment and digital cameras at Notoriety have been barely touched. The furniture has been plucked from the under-renovation Hard Rock Hotel. Notoriety is equipped to stage studio-styled shows as the pandemic drags on.

“There are a number of shows we could do live from there,” Henderson says. “We have everything in place and it’s barely been touched.”

And bonus points to hospitality exec and real estate agent Lance Sherman, for his number inside and all around his kid’s monkey bars.

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