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Cycling Boom is Great to See

Bicycling in Las Vegas.jpgThe boom in bicycling in Las Vegas is wonderful and hopefully here to stay. 

Cycling is great exercise, family friendly, safe for pandemic distancing and fun. When I bike to work, I arrive calm and ready to focus on the day. Southern Nevadans who trade in some of their car trips for bike rides help everyone’s health by reducing tailpipe air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Our local and state leaders are smart to focus on facilitating non-polluting transportation, as green energy and carbon-free transportation will likely power our future economy. We need more bike lanes and designated bike routes to change the perception that biking is not safe. The boom in bicycles is a small example of how a new fossil-free paradigm can make us happier, healthier and avoid climate catastrophe, while enhancing business and job opportunities. Let’s get rolling, and cruise into a clean transportation future economy!


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