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Could Park MGM become the first smoke-free property on the Las Vegas Strip?

For decades Las Vegas has been perceived as a place where almost anything goes, an adult playground where many vices are allowed.

Now, rumors are swirling of a major change at Park MGM.

It has to do with an image being shared on social media, a sign reportedly inside the resort that reads, ‘Let’s clear the air, Park MGM is smoke free.’

“It’ll hurt their business to the point that it probably won’t be profitable for them,” said one tourist visiting from Ohio.

Is it a gamble? Sure! A departure from the Rat-Pack era when cigarettes were considered fashionable? Absolutely!

“I think people are used to not smoking indoors in a lot of places,” said UNLV Gaming Research Professor Dr David Schwartz. He says the idea of a smoke-free casino property could work. “Well, I think people who like smoking while they gamble will be alienated. I think people who don’t like breathing in smoke while they gamble will like it,” said Schwartz.

He believes it may attract its own audience, people like Cynthia Castaneda from California. “Every time we go it’s really complicated because we want to be where there’s no smoke. That’s why walking through the casinos is really hard. Especially me, I have asthma. So if Park MGM becomes smokeless, that’ll be phenomenal,” said Castaneda.

For now, it’s still anybody’s guess if the idea would ultimately be a draw or a drag.


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