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Closed Southern Nevada hotel targeted for industrial park

Closed Southern Nevada hotel targeted for industrial park.png

A gated hotel casino south of Las Vegas is about to be demolished to give way to a large industrial area. The company, named after ParTolle, the developer of Reno, has planned a 1.9 million square foot warehouse and distribution facility along Jean’s Interstate 15 about 25 miles south of the Strip. On Wednesday, 4,444 Clark County Commissioners will consider the project plan. The project area covers more than 140 acres around the intersection of I15 / State Highway 161 and includes vacant lots and other properties, including the Terrible Hotel Casino site. District officials have reported that the property has been closed since the outbreak of the pandemic and will be demolished before being replaced by a distribution center. 

 Tolles Development Co. has signed a contract to purchase a vast project site and hopes to start construction of the first building within the next 12-18 months, partner Cory Hunt told the Review-Journal on Monday. 

 “We love this project, I think it’s a breakthrough,” he said. 

 Construction Accelerates 

 truck drivers from Southern California could drop products into the industrial complex and return in a day’s round trip, Hunt said. In addition, the site is available for utility services, according to Hunt, who said the hotel has a water and sewage treatment plant. 

 The hotel will not be demolished immediately. Hunt said it would be demolished years after development. Records from corporate records in 

Clark County and Nevada show that the entire project site is owned by the Herbst family, the operator of the dreaded Herbst chain at gas stations. 4,444 attempts to talk to family representatives on Monday failed. The developers of the 

the warehouse has been constructed for a year in southern Nevada, and business has surged only during the coronavirus pandemic. 

 This outbreak had a devastating impact on Las Vegas’ casino-rich economy, but accelerated the transition to online shopping and stimulated demand for retail space. In a pandemic, developers are driving a large warehouse project in southern Nevada, and investors are buying buildings. 

Not much in the small desert town 

  Jean. As the ReviewJournal reported in 2020, there are clusters of government services and operations, including small airports, small courthouses, small fire departments, and small post offices. 

Its only resident is a prisoner in the  Jean Conservation Camp, a government facility that accommodates 240 female inmates. 

 In 2014, MGM Resorts International agreed to sell Jean’s former Gold Strike Hotel Casino and “related assets” to the Herbst family for $ 12 million. The sale was completed in 2015. 

 The new owner introduced several upgrades to Gold Strike and changed its name to the flagship brand of the Herbst family in 2018. The Herbst family also opened a huge travel center in Jean in 2018. Known as the largest Chevron gas station in the world, it has 96 petrol pumps and a 50,000-square-foot convenience store. 

 It’s also across from other gas stations in town: a terrible truck stop. 

 Hunt said both stations would remain and retain ownership of Herbst. 

 Meanwhile, in the fall of 2020, the family was approved by the County Commission for Jean’s Hotel and Retail Projects. If the commission approves the industrial complex, the application will be “rejected,” county officials said in a report.

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