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Clark County is expected to add 1 million people by 2060

Clark County is expected to grow by 1M people by 2060.pngA recent forecast shows that after decades of rapid growth, Clark County’s population is expected to increase by another million by 2060.According to data from UNLV’s Center for Business and Economic Research, approximately 3.38 million people are expected to live in Clark County in the nearly 40 years from now, higher than the 2.38 million estimated last year.This forecast is an increase of nearly 300,000 people from a few years ago because the research center predicted in 2019 that by 2060, nearly 3.09 million people will live in Clark County.Due to its expanding tourism industry, relatively low housing costs, nearly year-round sunshine, and a lack of state income taxes, southern Nevada has long been a popular destination for people to move to.Nonetheless, the latest forecasts may make locals wonder where new immigrants will live, and whether there is enough available or developable land in the area, and whether there is enough water to accommodate growth-these problems will not be fast. has been solved.UNLV Economics Professor Stephen Miller noted that after the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic last year, the valley’s population continues to grow as people move here from more expensive areas, into more expensive housing. big and cheap, medium and remote jobs.Miller also noted that the Las Vegas area has made great strides in saving water, but there is still much work to be done in the growing arid desert metropolis.Lake Mead is about 90% of the source of water in southern Nevada and is currently nearing the first shortage announced by the federal government, which will reduce Nevada’s water allocation to the Colorado River next year.To help conserve water, according to a bill signed by Governor Steve Sisolak last month, by the end of 2026, nearly a third of the grass in southern Nevada will need to be removed.The measure prohibits Colorado River water allocated by the Southern Nevada Water Authority from being used for irrigation of “non-functional lawns” beginning in 2027. The Water Authority said this would include lawns between roads and sidewalks, in the middle and traffic circles, as well as decorative lawns. Grasslands beyond commercial and housing development.Bronson Mack, the spokesman for the Water Authority, said that whether the region can get enough water to meet its projected growth depends on factors such as water resources protection, climate change, and water consumption per capita.

The agency plans “for a variety of scenarios” related to such issues to help it anticipate and meet water demand “over the next half-century,” he said.

Homebuilders and apartment developers are still buying desert parcels in southern Nevada for new projects, and all available parcels are unlikely to sell out anytime soon.But for more than a decade, no one has built residential skyscrapers in the Las Vegas area. This is an expensive way of crowding many residents on a small plot, and the suburban sprawl of the valley is owned by the federal rather than privately-owned areas. Surrounded by land. A software package that is easier for developers to purchase.Authorities said last month that a huge land bill would protect 2 million acres of land for recreation and protection in exchange for public land in Clark County for development, but it still faces obstacles to becoming a law.

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