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Best Back To School Tips

best back to school tipsIt’s that time again, a new school year. Kids either love it or hate, parents usually love it but secretly shed a few tears that their babies are growing way too fast. For everyone it is the end of lazy summer days with less regimented schedules and more leisure family time. Back to early mornings, homework and school events to juggle.

Here are some tips for the whole family to help the transition from summer days to school year a bit easier.

Easing back into the routine of earlier bedtimes and morning alarms can be tough for everyone. Starting at least a few days before classes actually begin will help everyone get back into the swing without as much stress.  

Family Discussions to talk about this year’s goals and plans, new teachers or sports can help ease kids’ stress of the unknown and helps parents to have calmer kids.

Checkups for medical, dental, vision and sports physicals can be done early, even several weeks before school begins. This helps cut down the craziness of activities leading up to classes.

School Shopping can also be done, in part, early. You can pick up common items that you know your child(ren) will need. This could be done casually during normal shopping trips. Once classroom supply lists are posted you can fill in the remainder of items needed.

Clothes shopping does not have to be a huge ordeal either. For most kids summer clothes are still climate friendly, but do check your school’s dress code for any changes. Having one or two cooler weather outfits on hand that fit and are in good condition should be enough for the first few weeks. The end of summer and Labor Day weekend are usually great times for summer yard sales where you can find many bargains for clothing.

Involve your kid(s) in setting up school year schedules, homework areas and new chore schedules. Keeping them involved and allowing choices or a voice in the planning ensures they feel that they are part of the family unit and not just being told what and when they have to do.  You also might be proud of their ideas and creativeness.

Visit the school for any orientations or open houses, registration can also give the opportunity for you and your child(ren) to meet teachers, other staff and to find their way around to a new classroom.

Only you know your family well enough to know what tips may or may not work, or what sounds like a good option to try out this year. The best tip is to keep things as calm and unstressed as possible.

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