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Are You Ready To Sell Your First Home in Las Vegas, NV?

Sell Your Home Ken Couture.jpgIf homebuyers can have buyer’s regret, can sellers experience the same emotions? If I had waited to sell, would the house have been worth more? If I’d negotiated differently and taken a little extra time with my home staging, could that have made all of this easier for me now? These are some questions sellers might ask after the deal has been made.

To avoid all these what-ifs, make sure you do the following before making any moves.

Do The Emotional Work

Selling your first home is not the same as selling your precious bags. It’s your home where you have spent years breathing in and out. Every corner of that home is filled with memories.

Before putting your property on the market, make sure you have dealt with any anxiety, apprehension, or doubts. This is not only a financial decision but also a personal one.

Ensure You Are in a Strong Financial Position

It’s good to know the numbers ahead of time. A seller needs all the proceeds from selling the house to cover all the fees. Hopefully, there will be profitable as well. By the time a seller gets in escrow, he will soon realize all the expenses it entails.

Take Time to Home Prep

Lack of preparation is a common regret among sellers. Once the house is listed on the market, it will start its counting on days on market. Buyers will wonder if something is wrong with the house if it sits longer.

Home preparation does not need huge renovations. A simple task of decluttering and cleaning could do the trick. Taking time to do these will pay off down the line.

Home staging is about how the home looks and feels. Just show off space in its best light with the right accents, decor, and furniture.

Curb Appeal is Everything

Making the house look great outside is a must. Most real estate agents agree that improving the curb appeal of the house can increase its marketability. Somehow, it makes buyers more excited to see what is inside.

Find a Perfect Match Agent For You

Set out to find a suitable real estate agent for your particular need. Make sure he has a proven experience in your neighborhood, price point, and property type. Check on the agent’s performance history if you can. A highly recommended agent by his past clients is a plus point. 

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