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Are You Getting a Home Inspection?

Whether you are a first time home buyer or on your 5th home, there will be the same question in every purchase: Do I need a home inspection? The answer is yes you do unless you are rehabbing the property.

If you are not sure what a home inspection is, it is when a professional licensed home inspector comes into the home you are purchasing and inspects it from top to bottom. The inspector will have a checklist of items that will be checked, and if you are not sure if it will be checked, just ask. The inspector will check the roof, plumbing, foundation, electrical, structure, and more. 

Once the inspector is done and has compiled his report, you will receive a copy. The inspector will have notes and most likely pictures of any issues he found. He will also indicate if the roof only has a year left on it, or that the water heater is about at the end of its life. There could be major items, minor items, or a combination of both. After you get the report, you will sit down with your agent and decide which things you would like repaired or replaced, and what you don’t, or if it is just too much and do not want to purchase the home. At this time, the seller can agree to fix the items you requested or decline.

Inspections cost anywhere from $325 and up, depending on the square footage of the property. This may seem like a lot, but it is money well spent, compared to what the inspector might find wrong with the home. If there are major issues with the home, such as a compromised foundation, it is better to know about it before you close on the home.

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