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8 Reasons Why Living in Las Vegas is Awesome

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear Las Vegas? Entertainment and a loose, anything-goes mentality likely come to mind. But, behind the neon lights and the sound of dice rolling on the table, Las Vegas has a much more nuanced personality that attracts many for a short visit and persuades even more to stay.


There are a variety of reasons why living in Las Vegas can be truly awesome. Check out eight of them below:


1.     Sun-Drenched City

Las Vegas is the second-sunniest major city in the U.S., following only Phoenix, AZ. Specifically, it’s sunny here 85% of the time between sunrise and sunset, which amounts to 3,825 hours of sunshine and 210 sun-filled days per year. Nevada is also in the desert with little rainfall and, while summers can get quite hot, winters here are mild and sunny, and freezing temperatures are only reached at night.


2.     24-hour Convenience

It’s no exaggeration that this city never sleeps; almost everything is open 24/7. Night owls can rejoice in the wide range of entertainment opportunities and services they can take advantage of here – regardless of whether it’s the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning. This 24-hour convenience is truly a luxury; there aren’t many places where you can do almost anything at any time!


3.     Healthy, Strong Job Market

Nevada also leads the pack of U.S. states boasting the fastest job growth for 2020 – thanks, in part, to the ongoing Las Vegas construction boom. As a result, skilled workers are continuously in need to work on the $23 billion in projects currently underway. And, because the city never sleeps and runs 24/7, an abundance of jobs is available in all sectors and industries on an ongoing basis.


Entrepreneurs also flock to Las Vegas because of the favorable tax system and the startup-friendly vibe. Moreover, conferences, meetups and industry-specific events are held in all corners of the city, giving professionals an opportunity to get to know peers, find inspiration and lay the groundwork for future business partnerships.


4.     Affordable Housing Market

Compared to other, more expensive metros, the most populous city in Nevada is known for its affordable housing market – which is why many residents of Los Angeles, for instance, flock to Las Vegas.


The median price of existing, single-family homes here was $305,000 in January 2020, while the median price of local condos and townhomes was just $175,000. The Las Vegas real estate still hasn’t surpassed its pre-recession record for home prices, but experts expect that 2020 will finally be the year it will happen.


5.     A Neighborhood for Everyone

Las Vegas is known for its diverse community, which is reflected in the vibes and atmospheres of various neighborhoods. Here are the best places to live in:


  • Summerlin is extremely popular thanks to its suburban feel and abundance of nice cafés and lush parks
  • The Lakes is a western suburb – one of the richest areas of the city – with close proximity to fine dining, entertainment and a myriad of outdoor adventure opportunities
  • Peccole Ranch, also located in the western part of the city, is a place where most people rent their homes. It features an abundance of lush parks, bars and restaurants that are mostly frequented by locals
  • Sovana lies in the northwestern part of Las Vegas and offers plenty of perks to its residents, as well as good public schools and a small-town atmosphere
  • Canyon Gate has a wide range of housing options to choose from, in addition to nearby green areas and easy access to the city center.


6.     Favorable Tax System

The state of Nevada enjoys a tax-friendly environment and Las Vegas is no exception; all wages, inheritances, capital gains and even winnings are devoid of state income tax here. However, federal income taxes are required to be paid by all citizens. Nevada also boasts one of the lowest property tax rates in the U.S.; at 0.69%, it’s far below the national average of 1.08%. What’s more, although the state used to collect an estate tax, that bill has now been phased out.


7.     Entertainment Capital of the World

If you’re looking to live in a place where you’ll be continuously entertained and never bored, Las Vegas should be at the top of your list; there’s a reason the city is often referred to as “the entertainment capital of the world.”


If concerts are your thing, there’s likely no other place in the world that regularly welcomes as many top headliners as Las Vegas. It’s hard to count the number of shows, events, festivals, comedy acts and plays going on in the city; all you need to do is have enough time and money to experience them all.


There are also a handful of exciting sports events to check out – including professional ice hockey; boxing and ultimate fighting championships; women’s and men’s basketball; football; golf; and baseball. Las Vegas has it all!


8.     Endless Options for Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Las Vegas, so you might be surprised by the wide variety of recreational activities in and near the city. While each community and neighborhood has its fair share of parks, playgrounds, green spaces and outdoor sports facilities, the real adventure begins beyond the city limits.


Wildlife refuges, hiking and biking trails, national parks, waterfalls, interesting rock formations, picturesque canyons and other natural wonders can all be found near Las Vegas. For example, you can:


  • practice yoga in Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
  • stargaze in Cathedral Gorge
  • hunt for petroglyphs in the Valley of Fire
  • chase waterfalls in Ice Box Canyon
  • hike the Nevada desert
  • participate in a spear-throwing workshop
  • pedal in the wilderness
  • go horseback riding in Red Rock Canyon
  • go back in time and visit the saloons and liveries of Bonnie Springs Ranch.

But, these are just a few activities of the countless outdoor adventures that you can experience in and near Las Vegas.

As you can see, Las Vegas is more than just an entertainment hot spot. See for yourself all that it has to offer!

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