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2020 tip challenge hits Las Vegas, Blueberry Hill server receives $2,020 tip

An act of kindness going a long way for one valley restaurant server whose life has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Margarita Ramirez has been working as a server at Blueberry Hill in Las Vegas for six years. The restaurant’s breakfast menu has never been advertised but well known by locals. It’s also where regular Andrew Meachum met Ramirez a few years ago.

“And we always ask for margarita, she’s just the best,” Meachum said.

Like many during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ramirez was out of work as restaurants closed their doors to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“I was still getting a paycheck. But you know servers we live for our tips, so it was very hard for me,” Ramirez said.

But once restaurants began to reopen, she got back to her normal routine. That meant seeing her regular customers like Andrew who stopped by to grab food with a friend.

“He always pays with cash so yesterday he says can I get my check but this time I’m going to use my credit card,” Ramirez said.

The restaurants general manager Phil Thomas said in the middle of their breakfast they customers alerted him that they wanted to do something nice for her.

“And then he showed me the receipt and I couldn’t believe it. I told my manager are you serious it says $2,000 and he said yeah you deserve it,” Ramirez said.

Inspired by the 2020 tip challenge that started in January and has gone viral, Andrew left her a $2,020 tip on a $34 dollar bill.

“I told him oh thank you so much. You’re very, very kind. Thank you for blessing me and my family especially now because my husband he lost his job about three months ago,” Ramirez said.

Meachum said he heard about the “2020” challenge on the news. It started at a restaurant in Michigan and has inspired people across the country to tip their servers a little bit extra.

“I’ve been very fortunate with the pandemic being an over the road truck driver. I’ve been very busy during this crisis and I just wanted to take the opportunity to help someone out,” Meachum said.

Manager Thomas says during the pandemic customers have been going above and beyond to show their appreciation for his staff. But as for Meachum, “I don’t have words to say how nice it is for somebody just to do that out of the blue, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Ramirez, still in shock that she was chosen to receive this gift. “I just feel really blessed.”

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